Refried White Beans With Chile-Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)

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This was absolutely delicious. The drops of vinegar absolutely make it, even if they’re somewhat tricky to apply if you don’t have an eye dropper handy. My only caveat is that the egg to bean ratio feels a little off. The richness of the yolk doesn’t go quite far enough, so if you’re hungry, a second egg per person is warranted.


Delicious as written. Our household also enjoys a more complete meal by meting a small tin of anchovies with the onions and dumping a tub of baby spinach into the beans just after mashing them. Any leftover beans make a good layer of flavor in tacos and burritos.


If you're missing an eye-dropper I find using a straw to be useful: Dip the straw into whatever liquid you need a drop of, put your finger over the top of the straw and extract. You will have an amount of liquid which can then be deposited by removing your finger from the top of the straw,

Granddaughter of immigrants

Quick tip on frying eggs: to avoid splatter and the danger of eggshell in my fried eggs, I never crack eggs directly into a skillet of hot oil. I crack the egg into a small bowl (I have several small -- about 1/2 c. -- metal bowls that I use in cooking prep a lot to separate ingredients that need to be added at different times), and after checking it, gently slide the egg into the oil


It appears you are only reading the head note. The recipe has all the details.

deborah gibson. Philadelphia

Nice simple lunch . I used my immersion blender to get the purée of beans&onions.I really like onions so I mixed the yellow and sweet. Rice vinegar added slight tart flavor.I served eggs over w toasted bagel.


Baby spinach in any recipe associated with beans or grains is always a great thing!


I am trying this tomorrow, but with dried beans that I cook and freeze in Mason jars[Instant pot has saved me a lot of smoke in the house and pot scrubbing!] The difference between these beans and canned ones is about the same as the diff between fresh-squeezed orange juice and the canned or plastic jug version. Also, no red pepper flakes of indeterminate lineage. A few dashes of salsa/hot sauce at the end is perfect. Cholula, Huichol, or Melinda's carrot based ones from Costa Rica.

Monika Vail

Hmmm, how to fry an egg? Love white bean idea, urgently needs a clove or two of chopped garlic, and saute onions as long as you can handle, the darker the more flavorful! Add a little more oil to onion/garlic mix and then scoop out oil to use to fry your eggs!


On one side of the pan, I also sauteed a jalapeno for a little zest (I halved the recipe; 1 can of beans).Took the fried-egg suggestion after layering the beans over tortilla chips. I skipped the salt, figuring enough in the beans - and the chips were salted! The egg makes it a meal.I considered, but did not try it with sour cream and cheese. Salsa would be nice to splash on the egg.


After plating, hit it with some smoked paprika and a bit of chili powder for an extra kick. I used lemon juice and served this with sourdough toast. Excellent!


We made this today for lunch: delightful! We used pintos instead of white beans but the flavors were subtle and lovely. To control the amount of vinegar, I put some in a bowl and used a spoon to drizzle it lightly on the egg. Will definitely make this again.


Surprisingly flavorful! Cooked with navy beans and according to recipe except cooked onions longer until very soft and caramelizing. That made the beans super creamy. Loved it with the eggs and vinegar plus a green salad on side. Don’t add salt without tasting cuz canned beans can have a lot.


So I thought maybe the recipe here was simply "take one can of beans and fry them with their liquid (all-at-once). But the browned onions are presumably cooked first and the reference to vinegar is a bit of a surprised. I'm sure I can work something out but it does seem like a little bit more guidance might be helpful.


Sylvia, if you scroll the entire recipe is just below what you are looking at.


I've made this twice for a quick dinner and we love it. The only thing I did different, was I served 2 eggs instead of one. Served with sourdough toast and steamed broccoli.


Heck, yes! I learn so much on this app. Vegan refried beans? So easy and delicious. I made this exactly by the recipe except using Trader Joes chili crisp instead of red pepper flakes. This would be amazing with either.

Suz in Portland

Second time making this tonight. Two people, 1 can of beans, 2 eggs each. Sherry vinegar adds a nice zing. Drizzled slabs of bread with jalapeño olive oil, sprinkled salt and garlic powder, topped with shredded mozzarella and toasted them so we could have more protein. Delicious and easy.


So much more than the sum of its parts! Lemon juice and chile crisp were our additions.


I thought this was just ok. Ended up having to add more salt and more red pepper flakes to both the eggs and beans while eating to coax any flavor out of it. I followed the suggestion of a "few drops" of vinegar per egg and couldn't taste it in the finished product at all, so don't skimp on that. It fit the bill of filling my belly on a weeknight I happened to be home alone, but I wouldn't bother with it again.

Serine H

Delicious! And it also works well with black beans (I didn’t have any white beans on hand when I tried). For a little extra a sprinkle of cotija on the beans is a nice addition!


Delicious prepared as written, but to give the dish a little zing, I added a few drops of fish sauce and hot sauce. An anchovy would work as well. These beans pair really well with tuna fritters. ps I always use the Instant Pot to cook beans from dried. So easy and tasty! Never going back to canned beans.


Loved the recipe as is because it’s simple and full of nutrients. I had it with a side salad. I cooked my own beans in the crockpot last week, froze the leftover beans after I made this recipe.


This was delicious. My family LOVED this. The beans in particular were a hit. I used the suggestion from another review to use a straw to portion out the vinegar. We served with a Caesar salad, but can see this pairing well with all kinds of seasonal veggies and salads.


I really love this recipe and have made it several times exactly as it is written. I've recently been trying to cut down on my oil intake and was very skeptical that this recipe would work without it. I am here to tell you it absolutely works! I used zero oil for the beans, just using some diluted broth to sauté the onions and adding a little more when adding the beans. It still tasted amazing and felt really good to cut 1/4 cup of oil out of a recipe without much of a difference.


Made it as is. Used sherry vinegar. Absolutely delicious.


I followed the recipe exactly, except I added the pepper flakes to the oil while the heat was still on, which made the basting oil nice and spicy. I also added some garlic powder to the beans. The red wine vinegar is what really ties this together. So easy, simple, and delicious! - Anna


Gearing up to make this recipe for the 4th time? 5th time? My mouth waters just thinking about it. I didn't even think I was much of a bean gal!


I have had this so many times since I discovered it! Such a comfort food at any time of day.

Heidi Barley

Wonderful dinner and I love that you can build upon this recipe. In our case, we added some tortillas and some leftover carnita meat for the meat eaters. Even my very picky 9-year-old said it was "delicious!" which is extremely rare for him!

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Refried White Beans With Chile-Fried Eggs Recipe (2024)
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